Trainer Introduction

Welcome to Grow Your Profits and Data Analytics and Data Modelling
Let me introduce myself, I am author of 2 books. One is Excel Secrets for the Highly Effective Marketers and the other is Hidden Secrets of Data Analytics in Excel.
Now I also have a course on “Hidden Secrets of Data Analysis in Excel, both classroom and online. If you are attending this current course, you probably do not need to attend the former course but to let you be aware that there is a lower level course than Data Analysis.
I have more than 30 years of experience in spreadsheet, Excel is only about 25 years old. Spreadsheet started before Excel. Have you heard of Lotus 123? That’s the secret of telling your age. Before Excel, Lotus 123 was the king of spreadsheet. Even before Lotus 123, there were pockets of software that do spreadsheets, e.g. I was using Symphony. That’s the years of experience I have with spreadsheet.
When I started using spreadsheet, I was already doing data analysis, that’s 30 years of experience in Data Analysis. In my journey in consultancy, I have analyzed 150 million rows of data. I used Excel as the front end, i combined it with databases in order to report al the 150 million rows of data. I got the project partly because of my Excel skills, they wanted to present the data in Excel. Unfortunately most people were unable to do that without more technical skills in database. The good thing is when you attend this course, you gonna learn about database, if you can tap into the database, you will be able to efficiently create your report in Excel by having a database in the back end as a data source, so that is what you can use in data analytics. I will share a little more later. You can find me at [email protected].