Data Management Cycle

In data management cycle, this part is more theory but it give you a foundation when you go into data hands on, you can see what you can do well. So we are not just looking at Excel, but looking at data analytics. All this knowledge comes in handy when you use them.
Data Management Cycle is a series of steps carried out to extract useful information from raw data to reporting. It is part of the bigger Data Science cycle.
You have about Data Scientist, Data Scientist is actually a big scope of work. You may have read reports that many Data Scientists have quitted their jobs because they are not Data Scientists in their roles, they are more analysts where they are asked to analyze data. Data Scientist’s job is more of pulling right information and identify profitable products based on the data that they have analyzed and they have more expertise than just managing data, they are also technical persons who know about databases, that’s why they can talk to IT guys and they are also knowledge experts in a particular area.