Lesson Category: HSDAE

Power Tips on cells selection

Cleaning data do not have to be done one cell by one cell. You can make global changes to the data instantly using the Power Tips in this video.

Making Date functions work for you

Dates in Excel resulted in 50% more manual work if you do not know how it is treated. Learn how Excel stores date and make the Date functions start working for you.

Combining 2 worksheets into 1

Pivot Table is powerful but it does have limitations. One of the limitations is a single source of data. Pivot Table cannot analyze 2 separate sources of data. Using VLOOKUP, you can combine the 2 worksheets together and allow Pivot Table to analyze all the data in both worksheets.


SUMIFS is a great function to use if you need to add the numbers in the cells based on a condition. SUMIFS allows you to add more than one condition for the summation. A lot of people have mistaken that they should be using COUNT when it comes to quantity. That is not true. You …