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Advanced Pivot Table

Pivot Table is designed to work with only one single source of data. If you have multiple sources of data with the same columns, you have to stack them manually to analyze all of them together. But if you use this Power Query function, you will not have to do the stacking. And it is …

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Intermediate Upgrade to Pivot Table – Unique Count

The normal Pivot Table COUNT function counts each row as one count. It does not have a unique or distinct COUNT function to help count repeated descriptions as one, e.g. no of customers. You need to turn this switch on to get the DISTINCT count to work for you in Pivot Table.

How to impress with a Waterfall chart

This is a useful chart that I tried to avoid last time, because it is very tedious to create. But the new version of Excel has simplified the creation of this waterfall chart. It is now so simple that I would want to make full of it to impress my bosses.

Intermediate upgrade of Pivot Table

Most Pivot Table users only learn how to create a basic Pivot Table. What they have missed out on are new features that will save them even more time in creating their Pivot Table reports. In this module, you will discover these upgrade functions and work towards a more productive workday using Pivot Table.

Process your data without using worksheet functions (Flashfill)

When you don’t know any worksheet functions or your formula becomes too complicated, this is the function you need to master. I believe this is created with AI technology. Even if the output is not perfect, you would have saved 80-90% of your time “massaging” your data.