WPS Office or Kingsoft – an alternative to MS Office

Over the years, I have seen the development of many spreadsheets programs, from symphony to Lotus 1-2-3 before Microsoft dominated the market with the widely known Microsoft Office. We have seen lots of competitors along the way as Microsoft progresses. Today, I just found another called Kingsoft Office which I have just downloaded and installed, for personal use only. They do not allow companies or any profit or no-profit organizations to install on their workstation for free.

The need to pay for the software licenses by corporations would delay adoption of this new application. This is because Office users are the initiators and created the need to use MS Office at home. With corporations and non-profit organisations needing to pay for its use, the chance of it being adopted is reduced. There is still a chance for KingOffice to succeed, if the software proved to be as good as MS Office and is recommended by Excel experts who are key influencers of Excel users around the world.

The installation was real quick and I am done within minutes. It really have a look alike feel of MS Office. The very first function I tried is of course Pivot Table, using the data I used for our foundation course “Hidden Secrets in Data Analysis with Excel”. I am quite surprised that the Pivot Table interface looks like Office 2000 version and MS Office did not sue them for the use of the trade mark name “Pivot Table”. That is my first test and I should say that the functionalities offered by MS Pivot Table (Sort, Filter, Number format) are not available in Kingsoft’s Spreadsheet program. In the coming weeks, I will be doing more tests on Kingsoft’s Office. I will post my test results as I go along, so remember to come to check out the updates. Let me close with a picture of how Kingsoft Office looks like in my computer.

The look and feel of Kingsoft spreadsheet.
The look and feel of Kingsoft spreadsheet.

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