1. I will receive work order from planning section
2. I will key those information into excel “work order” sheet from column C to G
3. My production member will follow the work order to assemble as per required
4. After completed, I request them to key in the instrument serial number + details on “Instrument SN” sheet.
5. I create “pivot table” so to understanding the daily output of requirement
6. I want to link the daily output qty from “Pivot table” sheet to “Work order” sheet so to monitor whether Work order completed.

Problem encountered:

Step 6: I need to match date from “Pivot table” to date to “work order” as well as work order no. from “pivot table” to “work order”. I have no idea how to do for 2 dimensional matching. At first I try to use sumif but fail.


I used GetPivotData, a formula that can be used to extract data from Pivot Table dynamically for this. You can change the parameters to pick up the data basd on 2 conditions, the workorder and the date. The number picked up is already a consolidated number from pivot table. I have combined it with IF and ISERR to make sure that all the cells return zero if no data is found.
You can find the solution in this file.

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