Imagine you are given a list of email addresses in an Excel worksheet (sample as shown).

You are told to send email to all the names in the list. Are you going to send the email one by one? If you are, then there is a better solution for you. You can create a email list thru the use of Excel Function called concatenate or simply use the symbol “&”. Here is how:

1. Enter the formula to reference the first email address. Asuming that the first email address is in cell A2, then enter the formula “=A2” in cell B2.
2. In cell B3, enter the formula “=B2&”;”&A3″. The “&” in the formula is to join the content in cell B2 together with Cell A3 and at the same time add the symbol “;” between them. (see diagram)
3. Copy the formula down to the last row.
4. Copy and paste the content in the last row as values.
5. Copy the list of email addresses and paste it in the To, CC or BCC field in your email message.
6. You are ready to send the info to all those in the list.

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