i use “What if analysis Data Table” to generate the profit. When i manually key in number in FC (please refer attach excel file), the profit is correct. But when i add in formula in FC, the profit become incorrect. Why?



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    • BenneTan

      hi there joan. i cannot see any file. would you like to send it to us?

    • BenneTan

      Hi Joan,

      As mentioned in the email, the Fixed Cost portion will not work because the formula you are using in D4 is based on B9, and E6 is based on B9 (the cell that is supposed to be the variable in What-If Analysis).

      You can either:
      1. Not link the formulas back to the variable like =3000*(1+D5) in E5 or key in 3000 in D4 or;
      2. Use formulas as an alternative:

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