I have spoken to many and am amazed that many Excel users are not aware of the existence of pivot table. For some, they have heard of it but have not used it before. To these 2 groups of people, I must say that they have not truly experience the power of Excel. In fact, my performance in data analysis improved by leaps and bounds after I learnt about Excel’s pivot table.

For those who have used Excel Worksheet as a data source, you are one step ahead of these two groups. But you are only using 30% of Excel’s pivot table capability. Those who are already using MS Query would have harness the true power of Excel pivot table. In fact, it would take about a day for me to cover every aspects of Excel’s pivot table. In the next few days, I would share with you some of these functions so that you could appreciate what Excel pivot tables can do for you and how it could improve your data analysis capability.

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