First, let us recap what we have covered so far.

1) We have learnt how to create a pivot table.
2) Format the results
3) Present the company sales results by customers, by promotion and by salesman.

I mentioned in point 3 that the sales results were company’s results. What if you want to find out who are the key customers in a particular category or division? Here is how:

a) Move your mouse over the pivot table.
b) Click on the right mouse button and select wizard.
c) When you are brought back to Step 3 of 3 of the wizard, click on the layout button.
d) Notice on the top left hand corner that say page? Drag and drop the field call “division” into the page area.
e) Click Ok to get out of the layout dialog box and click finish to complete the wizard.
f) On the top left hand corner of the pivot table, you will see the field “division”. With this, you can select the desired division and the data are filtered to show only the top selling customers by promotion by salesmen for the that division.

I hope I have amazed you with what Excel can do. Please come back if you want to discover more. Do come back if you are still not convinced about the power of Excel.

Have a blessed weekend.

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