Not convinced by what I have shared yesterday? Read on. I will prove to you with examples. The only way you can be convinced is to let you experience the power of Excel Pivot Table. Here’s what I will do. Over the next few sessions, I will share with you what you could do with Excel Pivot Table and you judge for yourself whether what I said is true.

1) Download the data file I have created for you.
2) Open up the file.
3) Go to menu, data and select “pivottable and pivotChart report”
4) In step 1 of 3 of the pivot table wizard, select the option “Microsoft Excel List or database” and for the kind of report you want to create, select “pivot table”
5) Click Next
6) In Step 2, highlight the entire data table
7) Click Next,
8) Click on the Layout button when you are at step 3 of the pivot table wizard.
9) Drag the label called “customer” on to the section of the table called row.
10) Do the same for “Slsman No” and “Amount”. The layout should look like this.
11) Click ok to go back to step 3 of the wizard.
12) Click Finish. Remove all the pop up boxes.
13) You should see the layout as shown in this diagram.

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