For the benefit of those who don’t know what is pivot table and how it works, I will start from basic and progress gradually from simple to difficult.

What is pivot table and what it can do?
Pivot table is a tool that is provided in Microsoft Excel Application. It’s purpose is to help you analyze the data you have. Pivot table in Microsoft Excel seems like a cheapo tool to many because it is just one of the features in Excel. What most people don’t know is that it would have serve the needs of most data analysers. In fact, with the right experience, Microsoft Excel pivot table would have diminished the value of the crystal reports based on the price paid. Not only crystal report, but it can be a strong competitor for business objects, inpromptu and other reporting tools. I have used these other tools listed and I still fall in love with Microsoft Excel Pivot Table. It is easy to use and the amount time you need to learn how to use pivot table is much less than those reporting tools listed. What more, Microsoft Excel is a tool that is familiar to you and most probably, you have it on your computer.

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