In the find and replace box, there is a button that is seldom used by most users. That is the Find All function. It is a very powerful function if you know how to make use of it. And here is one of its uses:

Assuming that you have a list of words as shown below:

internet marketing software
microsoft interne marketing
interet marketing filter
internt marketing program
free intrnet marketing
free interet marketing software

You wanted to delete the rows if the word “software” is found within the phrases. One of the simplest and tedious way is to go thru the list one by one and when the word is found, delete the row.
Here is a faster way.
1. Highlight the list in the Excel Worksheet.
2. Go to Menu and select Edit, Find or use “Ctrl F” (shortcut key)
3. Type in the word “software”
4. Click on the “Find ALL” button
5. Select the list by
a) Go to the first item in the list.
b) Hold on the shift key and click on the last item in the list.
c) You have highlighted the entire list (See diagram)
6. Close the find and replace dialog box.
7. Delete the entire rows using “Ctrl -” (shortcut key)
8. Now you have a list without the word “software”

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