The last time, we share about using FindAll to find cells with a particular word or phrase and replace those cells completely with a brand new word or phrase using Ctrl + Enter. This method can be extended to replace a series of cells. This is what I have encountered and solved. Use this file for your practise.

1. First highlight and copy the series, e.g. in diagram 1, highlight the range “B6:F6”, and click copy.
2. Highlight the the entire column B and activate the find function.
3. Type in the text to find, in this case, “Company”
4. Click on the FindAll button.
5. Highlight all the results. Please see diagram.
6. Close the find and replace dialog box.
7. Like the last time, use Ctrl + Enter.
8. The contents in all the rows (row 13, 20 and 27) are cleared off except the word “Company” which is found in column B.

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