One of the pains in budgeting is in the consolidation of data, from departments to company level or from country level to regional level. It is a pain because people usually have to link the numbers to the consolidated worksheet. If there are only 3 to 4 files to link, it may not be so bad. Each cell would have only 4 cell /br /But imagine if you need to link 5 or more files together. You could take a lot of time, not to mentioned that there are a high chance that you might link the wrong cells together. And your user in one department may decide that the expenses should be in another row and amend the file to suit their needs and not yours. If this happens, you would start to do more checks on the file for fear that they have also done that to other rows. Or they decide to change the layout in between /br /Some companies that sell budgeting solutions would therefore recommend that you use their solutions which will solve your problem but will set you back by hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you are in this situation, I have good news for you. By just using formulas and MSQuery (a tool given in MSOffice), you can easily consolidated the information you have into the main file even when they changes the rows in the template. There is no more fear about users changing the row layout, you need not waste any more time checking the layout and the formulas. With our proposed solution, you will be able to save time consolidating the details. What if I told you that you could even provide analysis that satisfy all your users without you have to spend hours or even days trying to prepare the report for them? If you are interested to find out how, drop us an email to keep you updated when our course is ready.

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