Someone asked us this interesting problem they encountered:

“Customer sends us a data file in excel and we need to get our beneficiaries (PWDs) to do a mail merge into a pre-printed letter.  The content of the letter has a few more data fields that I have deleted for confidentiality.

The issue is that we need to maintain the name and address block with either standard 2 lines or 3 lines.  However, the excel data field “Address” has a non-printable “return” character that forces a carriage return when we do a mail merge. This will cause the misalignment of the printed letter if the address block changes from 2 to 3 lines.

How do we make the address block consistent?  We have thought of separating the address field in Excel but was not able to do the text to column as we were unable to key in the non-printable return character as a limiter.  If we could, then we can fill in the blank fields in address 2 with a space to force a consistent number of lines in the address block.”

You may download the file & see how you can deal with such a situation.

20130116 – Sample data – query


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