Imagine you have a Comma Separated Values file (CSV in short). When you open the file, Excel fails to separate the values for you. No matter how many times you re-open the file, it remains as follows:

top 100 baby names,2784840,92828
baby names,732180,24406

Are you going to separate them manually? On the above example, there are only 3 sets of values. What if there are 100 rows, 200 rows or more.

In Lotus 1-2-3, the function to separate the values is called parsing. In Excel, you can do the same through the function called “Text to Column”.

1) Highlight the rows you want to break up.
2) On the menu, select data, text to column.
3) In Step 1 of the wizard, make sure the option “delimited” is selected. Click next.
4) Check on the comma delimiters box. Once you do that, the values are separated by black lines.
5) Click on finish and you are done.

The values are now separated into the respective columns.

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