We found a way to split the values into the respective columns if they are separated by commas. What happens if they are separated not by commas but by the sign \ or ! or ~ ……. Is it possible then to separate them? The answer is yes. If we have a set of values which are separated by “” like those below , we can also split them up into the respective columns.

top 100 baby names\2784840\92828

baby names\732180\24406

This is how it should be done.

1) Highlight the rows you want to break up.
2) On the menu, select data, text to column.
3) In Step 1 of the wizard, make sure the option “delimited” is selected.
4) Instead of checking on the comma delimiters box as demonstrated yesterday, check on the box labelled others and input the sign “\” into the empty box that follows. Once you do that, the values are separated by black lines.
5) Click on finish and you are done.

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