Hi, I have a problem where I need to hide confidential information to my company’s employees but need to present data that they require. I need to create a search engine which retrieves details from a excel sheet and only presents the columns i want to show them.

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    • admin

      Never Never put confidential information in Excel. You will never know who is accessing the files and how good he/she is in breaking the codes. If the person is serious about accessing the information, he can just purchase an app that cost about USD 40 to break the password.

    • admin

      Regarding your request for a search engine to retrieve details from an Excel worksheet, you can find the solution in this link https://www.excel-course.com/search-engine-2/

    • joseph burbea

      i was intrested in finding a better way of listing all files in a directory and its sub directories and hyperlink the found files and my macro stopped working since excel 2007.
      my intrest listing of each row is a hyperlink to the file,file name,path,size and the actual extension.

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