I met up with a potential client today and we spoke a little on recruitment. She told me, based on her past experience, it is important to respond to job applicant fast. If not, you will end up having to call identied/potential candidates only to find out that they have already find a job.br /br /I shared with her the need to save cost in recruitment using data that exist from the previous recruitment (for the same position). I also shared with her how Excel could be used to create a form that can be used to captured data filled in by the job applicants. This will help her save the need to sieve thru the resumes and immediately go on to the selection process. Because sieving thru the resume takes time and if there are more than one position to recruit, there will not have enough time to sieve the resume for different position. And doing so means you can get your choice candidate before someone else.br /br /And also save on advertising cost. Because if you advertise for a position and you are not able to fill it with the choice candidate, you will end up wasting advertising cost.

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