There are 3 functions that will allow you to pull out text within a cell. These 3 functions will help to pick up certain details that are necessary foranalysis or presentation.

For example, you have a column of text which shows the currency denomination and the amount :

SGD 1000
USD 3203
GBP 342
Yen 543334

In our case, we want to know the denomication of the currency used. To do that, we could use the left function to pull out the first 3 characters in the cell. Assuming that the first cell is in A1, the formula would be written as follows “=left(A1,3)” (exclude the “). By doing so, Excel will pull out the first 3 characters of text from the cell. The results would show SGD, USD, GBP, etc….. RIGHT Function works the same way as LEFT function except that the counting starts from the right.

Mid works in a similar way except that it is capable of pulling out text in middle of a phrase that is in the cell. For example, Cell A1 contains the phrase “Excel contains a lot of advanced function”. To pull out the string of text say “contains”, you can use the following formula “=mid(A1,7,8)” The formula will pull out the string of text starting from the 7th position and 8 characters from that position.

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