I am building a workbook for small group of people in my office to use. I have 7 tabs, the first one is called Main Sheet and the other tabs are the names of each person using the excel workbook. Every tab looks the same, I have the columns labeled: date – job number – job name – contact # – comments

My desire is that each person will be able to input their data on their tab as they receive new jobs, and the main sheet will be a compilation of everyone’s sheet. So to clarify, as new information is added to one tab this entire row of information will automatically be added to the next available spot on the main sheet. We are all on the same server so we can all work off the same file. Is this possible to accomplish?

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      Putting all the input worksheets together means they have to wait for one person has to complete his data entry before the next one can work do his. And there is not direct solution to consolidate the data together in one worksheet. I would recommend capturing the data by individual workbook/file and consolidate them together using MSQuery. I think this is the perfect solution for you. Your staff can capture their data concurrently and all the 7 workbooks can be consolidated automatically.

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