I have a matrix with survey sites as rows and sponge species as columns. Cells have the sponge abundance for each site and species. I want to extract the 10 most abundant species for each site, with the corresponding abundance, and put these values into a new matrix.

I’m using a pivot table now, and it can list the overall top 10 species for all sites. I would like to extract the top 10 for each site, meaning each site would have a different top 10 list, and then collate all the rows together.

Right now, I can only get Top 10 for overall, instead of Top 10 of each site. How can I go about doing this?

Thanks in advance!

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      To list the top 10 species from each site, you should organize the Sites and species in rows (in that order). Then filter top 10 based on the species. You will not be able to filter the top 10 for species if you place the species in rows. They will filter the top 10 species based on overall if the species are organized in columns.

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