February 28th, 2013 by Nan Ralston Nan Ralston

Good Morning,
I am trying to figure out how to get 100% to spread out over 3 columns and also to have those percentages play off a total column and populate three other columns. For example:

Column A=Total Project Budget $$’s
Column B= cost of project 1
Column C=cost of project 2
Column D=cost of project 3
Column E=% project 1 is of A
Column F=% project 2 is of A
Column G=% project 3 is of A
I need the sheet to be interactive so when I change %’s it changes the project dollars in B C & D columns

Thank you!!

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  1. BenneTan BenneTan Says:

    Hi there. See if the file here is of help to you. what i did was:
    1) put in a formula for cell B2:
    Copy it across to C2 & D2. This will calculate the Total Project Budget multiplies by the % of the individual project.

    2) Convert A1:G2 to a Table. To do that, select the said range & go to the “Insert” tab -> Table -> Check the option that “My table has headers”. As you add in data below, all the formulas from row 2 will be brought down too.

    The only manual entries to be filled are Column A, E, F & G. Does that help?

    here’s the link of the file:

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