I use a work book to keep a record of each staff members holiday records.
Work book comprises of a master sheet which collates entitlement and remaining hours for each staff member (linked from their individual worksheet)
Each staff members records are recorded on a desperate worksheet named as a number. 1, 2, 3 etc

The workbook is protected to read only for staff, but all staff members can view each others records.

What I want to achieve is to set up individual passwords for each staff member so that when opening the workbook they can only see their worksheet. But, also set so that I can open all worksheets with only entering one password and not having to use staff members individual passwords to update their records.

Hopefully not a mamouth task.



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    • BenneTan

      hi Dave, see if the file below works for you. The Username & Password for you is:
      Username: Admin
      Password: Admin

      You’ll be able to see a sheet named “User List”. That will enable you to grant access to different people with access to different sheets. As you can see, Admin has access to all the sheets (marked with an “x”).


    • Dave Hartshorne


      Thanks for that its much appreciated.
      Another factor has come into the equation, can it be set so that when a user logs on through their password the only open it in read only. But if an administrator opens it they get write access. Or is this going a step too far?

      This again


    • BenneTan

      so in the codes, I might have to say something like “If Username is not equals to Admin, then put as Read-Only”. is that ok? or maybe you can fix a cell reference in “User List” under column A that belongs to the Admin. for eg, A4 will always contain the Username of the Admin.

      but just to clarify, Excel is not meant to be security tight. I hope all these actions are just to prevent accidental entries, not to hide confidential stuffs.

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