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18th July 2019

From The Desk of Jason Khoo


Dear Friend,

If you are wondering whether this is just another BORING Excel course, this will blow your mind…..

I had no intention to conduct Excel courses 30 years ago. There were easily 24959 “gurus” teaching basic MS Excel.

It was a business by accident.

It all started when I was working as a consultant in Discovery Asia, helping them improve on their Excel macro program.

The director noticed his staff were gathering behind me with their note pad, scribbling notes as they looked at my screen. That was when he realised they needed my help to train them ….

I went to create the Excel course for them to learn about all the deep stuffs of data analysis, which are ONLY made up of 3 core components (instead of 1,000s of what others teach)

They loved it and it helped them in their work. The feeling was great! I had actually helped them to work faster and more accurately with their data. And that was how it began.

This course is an accumulation of my experience over the past 30 years through the school of hard knocks. It is about data analysis using our common available tool – Microsoft Excel.

Fast forward to today, the course has gone through 267 runs and the course content is now considered the GOLD Standard.

Why all of them are raving about this “common tool”.

Generally, all the issues I faced during daily work has been addressed. Ie, formatting of DATE, COUNTIF, SUMIF function. There are also new functions learnt, i.e. F5 shortcut and I also gained though understanding of the functions used (and not blindly follow).

Tan Ching Ching (Analyst)

This course has given me a better understanding on how excel can provide lesser time-consuming methods to complete my everyday task, which would usually take maybe 30mins but with the knowledge gained from the course it would only take me 5-10mins max.

Tan Garcia Ignacio (Admin)

Identifying Duplicate and removing via different ways such as advanced filter, remove duplicate icon and MS query. I also learnt several timing saving methods to save up on repetitive work. The course had truly shown me some of the hidden trade secrets in getting massive data consolidated and presented in the most efficient way.

Liu Li Hui (Operations)

New Solutions. I deal with massive excel files day to day. I think I will be hugely benefited with this course. Though it will take time to create it but it will be one-time pain and lifetime gain for everyone.

Sanjeet Kaur (Management)

Whenever I need to pull some column fields from big data files with lots of columns, I always need to open those big files, search and copy out, with MS query that I learnt from this course, I will be able to extract my information much easily and conveniently without having to open the big data files.

Tan Yong Pin, James (Admin)

Before the course, I was not very clear about the functions and logic of using Excel. I was not able to understand how certain functions work, thus it was difficult simplifying huge data sources. I feel that the course has given me many ideas and ways which I can utilize Excel much more efficiently in the future.

Samuel Chien (Operations)

Some of the useful tip and function, like Goto, it helps to save time. Thinking process in the course make you apply the technique and excel knowledge that are taught.

Lai Wan Ning (Logistics)
3M Asia Pacific

This course is extremely useful for intermediate users of Excel. Through this course, I learnt to use MS Query and Pivot table for consolidating huge amount of crucial data. It will definitely save me a lot of precious time to focus on other job roles, I would recommend it to anyone who would like to save time and still be able to be productive when processing and analysing data

Melanie Low (Sales and Marketing)
3M Asia Pacific

Identifying Duplicate and removing via different ways such as advanced filter, remove duplicate icon and MS query. I also learnt several timing saving methods to save up on repetitive work. The course had truly shown me some of the hidden trade secrets in getting massive data consolidated and presented in the most efficient way.

Lynn Soon (Demand & Supply Planning)
Acushnet Singapore Pte Ltd

I have been doing unnecessary sorting and counting, and not certain if I have made careless mistakes. With functions like countif, I can actually quickly obtain data I wanted accurately. I have also not realise that I can do subtotals for filtered cells, and even paste special such as visible cells only. The vlookup, pivot table, ms query and use of macros are entirely new to me. I believe they will help me save time on numerous tasks I have spent hours and days on.

Eric Liau (Management)

In my organisation, we need to analyse & present data at a regional level. However, our data is only available in separate tables by country. I learn how to merge data from these files & present them at a consolidated level. The pivot charts are also very useful in presenting our KPIs on a regular basis.

Patrina Kuek (Finance)
Acushnet Singapore Pte Ltd

Trainers are very knowledgeable and were able to understand my problems specifically and help resolve them. The solution of auto refreshing my PivotTables via MS Query will save me so much time by simply updating my database and letting Excel do the rest. Macro function will save me substantial time as well in allowing me to automate a few tasks i do on a daily basis.

Eleen Lim (Logistics)
DSM Food Specialities

I have always been clueless about the power of Excel, doing many things the manual way like counting amount in cells and doing manual layouts. To me Excel has always been just another program I layout my reports with. But after attending this Excel course, I realised that there is so much more power stored in Excel to help enhance and make efficient daily work reports that I have to do especially with ensuring accurate details in figures in big amounts. I'm sure as I continue to explore what has been taught, I will be able to save alot more time and stop pulling my hair out while I face my reports again.

Rachelle Low (Medical)
Johnson & Johnson Pte Ltd

I will be conducting a workshop in Singapore

Dates: 19 & 20 August 2019

In the workshop, I will pull back the curtains to show you step by step:

  • How to convert dates into readable form even if you are not an Excel expert.
  • Do this 1 thing and it will gurantee that you will save hours off your report generation.
  • The more data rows you have, the more time you have to spend working on it, right? Wrong! I will show you how you can literally spend just minutes working on the data whether you have a small or big database.
  • 1 trick you must learn to boost your speed by at least 25X.
  • 1 way to copy and paste large number of cells in seconds even if you do not have a computer mouse.
  • How to identify any value or word in your worksheet instantly.
  • Say goodbye to endless hours staring on the computer screen adding up the sales numbers.
  • Say goodbye to the countless reports you have to prepare week after week, month after month.
  • Say goodbye to drawing charts for your presentation.
  • How to tabulate your SUBTOTAL instantly even if you do not know what is Pivot Table.
  • 2 ways to group your data into your pre-designated categories.
  • Say goodbye to duplicated records in your database.
  • What to do if all your data is squeezed into one column.
  • Why storing your data in multiple worksheets may not be the best option? And how you can prepare your report in just one minute even if you do not have the data stored in multiple worksheets.
  • How to identify which version of Excel you are working with even if you do not go to options.
  • How to NEVER create a single chart for your presentation ever again.
  • What you should NEVER do when you prepare your data for analysis.
  • How to NEVER rank your sales and customers for your receipients ever again.
  • The Truth about your data records. Here’s how you should organise your data and generate any reports you want.

I am also going to give you my step-by-step manual which I will show you how to overcome each part of the challenge, from downloading the data from the system to reporting. You will get the chance for me to hand-hold you during the workshop so that you are able to acquire the skill and become effective immediately during the training.

I will personally correct all the wrong Excel habits you have.

As a basic Excel user, you will get to learn the complete guide to analyse any data in your possession. As a seasoned Excel user, you get to pick the parts you like best and build further into what you are already doing.

Either way, you will leave with nothing but 200% FULL CONFIDENCE and CLARITY on data analysis, with your boss loving you ever more.

THIS IS NOT a seminar on basic, intermediate or advanced Excel training course. You can sign up for these courses with any other training company, including NTUC Learning Hub or community centers around Singapore.

THIS IS ALSO NOT the typical Excel course which showed you some tips and tricks on Excel.

This Hidden Secrets of Data Analysis workshop is for ANALYST. This is about cleaning your raw data, turning it into reports and offer powerful insights into the business, without you breaking a sweat to achieve all these.

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