I am currently trying to install OneDrive so that I could use it for Office for iPad. At the same time, I am also trying to compare the features with Dropbox, the current app that I am using to collaborate with my colleagues. For dropbox, there may be a sync problem because one of my colleagues claimed that he did not see the updated file I saved into the folder. I hope OneDrive will not give me this problem.

For OneDrive, there are 2 versions. One is for LiveAccount and another is for Business (formerly known as SkyDrive Pro). I am installing the OneDrive for Business because I have an Office365 account and would like to use it for collaboration with my colleagues. And OneDrive for Business may be the solution for corporations who have a much more stringent requirement on app that their staff can use. It is from Microsoft so security should be less of an issue as compared to Dropbox.

For OneDrive for Business, there are 2 versions. One is for 32bit and the other 64 bits. You need to find out which version you should be using. I thought it was tied to Windows and downloaded the 64 bit version. It turned out that I should be using the 32 bit version because my MS Office installed is 32 bit version. You can find the instruction to install OneDrive for Business in this link http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2903984.

Once downloaded, you can install it and follow the instruction given in the wizard. So far so good.

After the first installation, nothing happened. I thought I installed wrongly and installed a second time. Nothing happen again. Out of curiosity, I went to All Programs to search for it and found it in the Office 2013 folder (I don’t have Office 2013). The program just created a folder and don’t tell you anything. Once you click on it, the setup page is activated and all you have to do is to identify the folder you wish to sync and paste the OneDrive link (from your online OneDrive) into the form and the files are synced immediately.

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