This macro will return the location (row, column or address) of the cell containing the search value.

Function Find_Row_Num(What_2_Find)

What_2_Find = "Insert row before this line for PAPDR"
Set Which_Worksheet_2_Find = ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("Details")
Set Range_2_Find = Which_Worksheet_2_Find.Range("C30:C65000") ' this is a range.
Value_or_Formula = xlFormulas 'xlVaues - search the text/value in the cell,
                        'for cells with formula, it will look at the result.
                        'xlformulas - search the text/value within formula
                        'xlformulas works even when cell is hidden.
                        'It is able to look for value too.
Exact_Partial = xlPart 'xlPart - find cells that contains (What_2_Find)
                        'xlWhole - find cells which contains
                        'exactly the value placed in (What_2_Find)
Match_Capital_Letters = False 'False - when A and a is treated the same
                               ' True when A and a means different things.

With Range_2_Find
    Set c = .Find(What:=What_2_Find, LookIn:=Value_or_Formula, _
        LookAt:=Exact_Partial, MatchCase:=Match_Capital_Letters)
    'c is the cell that meet your find criteria
    If Not c Is Nothing Then
        Find_Row_Num = c.Row ' Change this to c.column if you want the column
                             ' where the text is found.
                             'change it to c.address if you want the address returned.
        Find_Row_Num = 1 ' Cannot find, so default the address to A1
    End If
End With

End Function

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