The data shown in this example is in the wrong orientation and is not useful for Pivot Table. It is currently stored with one employees taking up only one row. In the new orientation, the employees should repeat multiple times, with each record capturing only a single value. To change the orientation of 800 rows of data and 100 columns is definitely going to be very time-consuming, unless you make use of macros. 

The video will show you how to make use of macros to read and write to cells as a first step to changing the orientation of the data. Then by using the looping statement (2 lines of codes), we can repeat the action multiple times. We will also show how you can add in another loop to repeat the loop, mulitlying the action multiple folds.

With a single IF Statement, you will be able to enhance the macro to pick up relevant data (those cells that are no-zeros only) and populate them into the other orientation.

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