You are highly encourage to go through the course in the sequence it is presented to you. Each case is a built up from the previous case and you may missed out certain important tips if you skip the cases.

Case 1

You will find out how to make use of SHIFT, CTRL and arrow keys to navigate around the spreadsheet. After which, you will be given a test to find out how many empty cells you can filled up within a minute and compare our performance with yours. In the case proper, you will learn how Excel treat dates and by using the correct approach will increase your productivity. Subsequently, you will calculate the duration of 2 dates accurately, the use of SUBTOTAL, COUNTIF, COUNTIFS, IF, NESTED IF and conditional formatting. Find out how the functions are integrated with each other to create an impressive report for your use.

Listed below are the trainings recorded by topics:
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1.1 -1 1.2 Retrieve part of date

1.3 Combining the day, month and year to create an Excel date

1.4 Calculating the age of the customers

1.5 Count records based on certain conditions

1.6 Filter records based on pre-defined conditions

1.7 Count the records of visible cells only

1.8 Find the oldest person born in a selected month

1.9 Differentiating customers based on cut-off age

1.10 Making Excel auto-highlight the row based on your criteria


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Case 1

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Case 4

Case 5

Case 6

Case 7