Loan amortization

I need a loan amortization table where loan tenure,initial grace period (during which no payment is made), interest rate, repayment-terms(monthly, quarterlr, semi-annual, or annual) are flexible to change. Maximum tenure will not be more than 15 years excluding initial 2 years grace period, however, I should be able to play around these numbers depending upon free cash flow.

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  1. Layout would be as follows:-
    In Column A (Loan Tenure)row 2 to 20 are linked to formulas. If loan tenure is 9 years and initial grace period is 2 years then row 2 and 3 will show grace period during which no payments (principal & interest)are made. Row 4 to 12 would show year-1 to year-9 assuming repayments would be made annually. However if repayment terms are quaterly or semi-annually then column A would expand further.
    Like wise principal repayments and accrued interest would be linked to each row under column A.

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