A lot of people shun Macros / VBA because they have the impression that they have to start from ABC of programming. This is totally untrue. The way to have fun with Macros is to start recording what you do in Excel and then playing it with the play button. Then you move on to edit your recorded macro by making small changes to make it more powerful. This is the approach we use in our Excel Macro course “Learning the Magic of Macros”. I will be recording my face-to-face training and make it into an e-Course.

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    • Robert Ong

      The macro-recorder as a macro generating machine has severe limitations. A recorded macro will only faithfully and blindly play back the sequence of an action you perform. For e.g. it cannot pre-determine whether the action should be repeated and for how many no. of times which is possible only with programmed VBA codes which can use preset conditions to determine whether an action should be repeated or not.
      If one wants to have much greater flexibility to control Excel or to involve Excel in programmed decision-making, then the way to go is to learn how to write VBA codes for Excel to execute. However, be forewarned, the learning-curve for programming in VBA can be exacting.

    • everydayExcel

      Yes, it’s true that a recorded macro will only faithfully and blindly play back the sequence of actions you perform. That’s the beauty about recorded macro. You are guaranteed that the recorded macro will do exactly what you want it to do without you having to know anything about programming.

      Recorded macros can save us lots of time in creating macros. Then with a little Macro skills, we can perfect the macro in not time

    • nisar

      Dear, new to this VBA or Micro but interested to learn more about it. How does it help us in working in excel with data. Please let me know.

    • admin

      One of the uses of Macro is to clean up massive amount of data. You can also use it to change the layout of the data so that it is good for Pivot Table.

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