At the start of a new year, employers are required by law to prepare the IR8A for their employees. This task is never fun if it is done using the form provided by the IRAS. It is very tedious and you have to spend extra time making sure that the numbers filled in tie with your records. Likewise for me, I find it painful to fill in the form even though my records are properly kept in Excel. After filling up the forms, there is also a need to mail the form to the employees. Even though it is a simple task, it is very time consuming. So for this year, I have asked Benne to work on the IR8A eSubmission form. And guess how relieve I am, not having to fill in the forms any more. All I need to do is to copy all the records into the Excel spreadsheet, click a few buttons and it is completed. It is a far more efficient method than what I used to do. I will be selling the macro to those who are in the shoe as me, at a fraction of the price if you outsource it to someone else. If you are interested, register as a member and I will send you the details real soon, probably by end of this week.

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