A client asked me how to Insert Tally Counts for her worksheets. She has tried googling but could not get an answer. That’s why she asked me. I paused for a moment because I have not encountered the term before. Then she showed me a screenshot and realised what she wanted. Here is a snapshot of her request.

I realised from the picture that she wanted to create “bar chart” or “bar scale” next to each cell. So here goes my answer.

If the number 10 is in cell A1, then in B1, enter the formula (include everything presented)


So what does the formula do? The formula REPT refers to repeat. And what to repeat? “|” (this is the symbol above the forward slash found above the ENTER key). The open and closed inverted commas are required because the symbol is a text.

How many time to repeat? As many times as the number given in A1.

With the formula, scales will appear in B1, and the number of scales dependent on the number (usually representing a score or a measurement) shown in A1. We called in a bar chart within a cell.

Share with us if you know it by a different name.

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