1. First Go to Tools, Macro, Visual Basic Editor as shown in diagram 1.
2. In the Visual Basic Editor, click on Project Explorer and Properties window if you do not have the layout shown in diagram 2.
3. In the project explorer, expand VBA Project (Book 1) by clicking on the “+” sign on the left of the label. Click on the “+” on the left of the label Microsoft Excel Object.
4. Select Sheet2 ( See diagram 3). When you have done that, you should see some details as shown in diagram 3.
5. Click on the last property called visible and select the option 2-clVeryHidden. (see diagram 4)
6. Close the visual basic editor.
7. Sheet2 has disappeared. Try to check to see if it is available for unhide in the normal Format, Sheet, unhide.

Hope you are amazed by this revelation.

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