One of the common challenges faced by Excel users is the receipt of pdf (Protable document format) documents containing tables of data that cannot be transferred to Excel easily. When you try to highlight and copy the data from a pdf document to Excel, the data is re-arranged from multiple columns into a single column, different from what was presented in the document. Purchasing an addin to convert PDF to Excel does not guarantee that the conversion is perfect. I encountered the same problem recently with an order list and made another attempt to convert the order list in pdf format to Excel and to my surprise it works! It has partly got to do with the PDF reader you are using. When I use Adobe PDF reader, it cannot be done. But when I use this free pdf reader called Foxit to save the pdf file as a text file, the layout is retained and allowed me extract the data using Text-To-Column without having to spend a single cent on a pdf converter. If you like to know how it is done, watch the video below.


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