If you are using Excel 2007 for the very first time, you might be stumped on where the save as function is. Because you will not be able to find the familar File Menuyou used to see in Excel 2003 and below. So if you are ready to upgrade 2007, you might want to read this first so that you would not be caught off-guard. In here, we will show you the different ways you could save a file:

If you are using short cut keys, I have good news for you. All the short cut keys you learnt in the previous version applies in version 2007. So you would have no problem at all. For those who want to know the shortcut key to save as, it is function F12 or Ctrl + F2.

If you are used to the file menu, you can activate the save as function by clicking on the icon at the top left hand corner of Excel. See the picture below. In that, you will see the all familar list of functions when you click on the file menu in the previous version of Excel.

That’s it for the Save As Function in Excel 2007. Do come back reguarly for new updates.

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