My client has a list of monthly expenses that needs to be presented. To shorten the list for the presentation, those rows of expense items which have zero value need to be hidden. Imagine if the list is 100 rows and out of which, 20 rows do not have any value and are scattered among the 100 rows of expenses. What my client did was to go thru the expenses row by row and hide the expenses with $0 value one by one. She has to repeat the action 20 times if there are 20 rows of expenses with zero value. After I showed her find all, she just need to do it once. That is a saving of 95% of her time. Here’s how if you have not figured out from previous post.

Highlight the column with the expense values. Activate the find function from the menu by selecting edit, find. Type in the number zero and click on the option and check the option box (Match Entire Cell Content) and click find all. Highlight the results and then close the find dialog box. Go to the menu and select format, rows, hide. And all the expenses with zero value are hidden.

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