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October 15th, 2008 by admin admin

I have an Excel Calendar Template that could show the public holdiays of any country simply by adding the dates into the worksheet. A good tool to plan for your activities in year 2009. You can click on the link for more info

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  1. Calendar Says:

    The content was really very interesting. Thanks for all your hard work and the info you give.

  2. admin admin Says:

    There is a link right at the end of the write-up. Click on it and you will be brought to another page. Complete the form right at the end of that page and we will send you a confirmation email. Once you confirm the request, the Excel calendar is sent to you almost immediately.

  3. Chanel Benson Says:

    I still can not find the link. Please send me template to

  4. admin admin Says:

    I have helped you submit the request using this link

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