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  • 7 essential worksheet functions to cut down your business analysis time by 40% (9/20/2019) - Excel is huge and it contains hundreds of worksheet functions. But not all of them are needed if you want to analyze your business data. There are 7 essential worksheet functions that you must know in order to effectively cut down your analysis by 40%. I use these 7 functions regular to complete my analysis. […]
  • How to import data from picture into Excel (7/26/2019) - I was handed a piece of paper containing a table of numbers & text and was told to convert it into a soft copy. In the past, I would have bitten the bullet and spent half the afternoon re-typing everything into Excel. NOT anymore. I discovered this new function in Excel that turned this into […]
  • Wedding Dinner (5/29/2019) - When I was preparing for my wedding dinner , I have to count how many guests I have to invite, colleagues, ex-colleagues, Church friends, etc. All these names were pulled out from my memory. The worry was “Did I miss out anybody important?” In business, we also have multiple list of names which we labelled […]
  • The difference between the professionals and layman (5/29/2019) - We called it the customer name list. The professionals called it the customer database.
  • A new formula called TEXTJOIN (2/13/2018) - I was exploring how I could help one of my friends how to join text together that I stumble on this new formula called TEXTJOIN which was added a few months ago by Excel. With the formula, you are able to return multiple values in one single cell. More details can be found in this […]
  • Does the cell contain any of the items in the list (2/10/2018) - One of my friends got an excel list and he wishes to find out in this list whether any of words he has in a second list can be found in the first list. He came out with a formula which is extremely long and find that it is impossible to use the formulas if […]
  • Why you should not use VLOOKUP? (2/8/2018) - I was just pasting some data over from one worksheet to another in the same file. The destination worksheet contains a few thousand VLOOKUP formula. When I paste the data over, it takes quite a few minutes to complete the paste. This is because Excel keep re-calculating the VLOOKUP formulas as the data get pasted […]
  • Free Excel Course (1/1/2018) - If you are computer literate but do not know how to Excel, here is how you can get a Free and Excellent guide to get you started. Here is how you get it. 1. Open Excel or open a new workbook. 2. Click on the icon that says “Take a Tour” as shown in the […]
  • Excel Table (1/14/2016) - Excel Table is a new function in Excel. It can organize information neater compared to a normal Excel worksheets. But one thing Excel Table cannot do is insert cut cells from another row of the table. For example, I would like to swop the values between E5 and E6. The way I would do it is to cut […]
  • Paul McKenna: I chose my wife by Excel spreadsheet (1/4/2016) - This is not one of the Excel uses I would recommend but Paul definitely used it correctly to organize information and see things clearer. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/celebritynews/12078792/Paul-McKenna-chose-wife-Kate-Davey-by-Excel-spreadsheet.html