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Hi guys have a small problem, as you will see from the attached we have multiple access date for a task, A9 = the cummlitive percentage completed say from 10th Jan to the 20 Jan, C9 will need to equal A9 until we enter the 2nd access date (D9) then i need C9 to show the same value whilst A9 increases and then E9 to show the diffrance between A9 and C9 thus giving me the percentage completed within the 2nd access.



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  1. hi Alan. so C9 is supposed to be 10% (last A9 value) while A9 changes to 20% (old A9 value + C9)?

    and E9 would be 10% (20%-10%)? but F9 & H9 are also filled up. what are the consequences of that?

  2. BenneTan
    Sorry maybe i did not explain myself fully, our client would advise when we can start the work task which is B9 (10Jan) now if we are able to complete the work on the first visit A9 will read 100% and C9 would read the same as we have complete the works from the first access, however more often we are given multiple access dates for the same task, therefore if we enter a date into D9 and lets say we completed 20% during this period A9 would read 30% while C9 would read 10% and E9 would equal the diffrance between A9 and C9, and i require G9 and I9 to to calculate the same if a date is imputted into F9 and H9, hope this helps.


  3. so am i right to say the columns with percentages are temporarily filled with formulas (to find difference) until you fill it up with an actual % completed when you have the date?

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