I just paste a list from another worksheet and found that I need a text format version of the numbers in the list. I format the cells into Text format and tried replace the numbers. I thought it would work. To my surprise, it didn’t. I search and found another solution and it works. Here is how:

  1. Select the list of numbers you want to convert.
  2. Activate the Text to Column function.
  3. In the first step, select delimited.
  4. Click next until you are at the last step.
  5. Select the format as Text and click finished.
  6. The list of numbers has been converted to text format.

To do the reverse, i.e. to convert a list of text formated numbers to number format, here is how:

  1. Go to an empty cell and type in the number 1 (General format).
  2. Copy the cell.
  3. Highlight the list of text format numbers you want to convert to number format.
  4. Using Paste Special, select the option paste values and the mutiplication operations.
  5. Click OK and the list of numbers is now formated as numbers.

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