can excel find a particular word from of group of words in a cell and in turn should give a particular output for a particular text, the text needs to be searched and the output which needs to be displayed will be given when created so that from the next time if it finds that text it needs to give the output which is mentioned earlier, can you please help me on this?

You can use the SEARCH formula to find the word. Combined it with IF and the ISNUMBER formula. Assuming that the list is in column A and we are working on A2. The formula to place in B2 would be


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    • Paul

      Hi AndyI think you’ve actually taeclkd my question within the thread but I’m not quite sure how to extrapolate your answer into my sheet so a little help please I have a simple spreadsheet which I am updating on a week to week basis.In column B I have a target, column C, the actual value (this is the column I update) and column D contains a formula to work out the deficit. The problem is that whilst Column C is empty, the formula in column D takes the C values as zero and produces an answer. What I would like, if it is at all possible, is to work out how to ignore row C if it contains no value (to give no result in column D) and only use the deficit formula if there are values in C. I have similar cells across the spreadsheet and would really appreciate an understanding of what it is that each part of your equation actually means so that I can translate it into other cells too.Thank you so much in advance.

      • BenneTan

        Hi Paul. Assuming your target starts in B2 & C2 is blank. D2 should have this formula:

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