Filter to separate files

I need to take a file and for privacy reason, break it into separate units. It takes forever to run them individually or even run it as one and then cut , paste into separate files. Is there a way I can filter data by a value in one column, take the corresponding data and break it out into separate files?

One thought on “Filter to separate files”

  1. The best way to do this is to record a macro and run it when you need to separate the files. You must follow the following steps to make sure that your macro is successfully recorded:

    1. Activate auto-filter.
    2. Filter the data according to your criteria.
    3. Copy the entire worksheet by selecting the box above the row number 1 and the left of Column A, and click Copy.
    4. Open a new workbook.
    5. Select A1 in the new workbook.
    6. Paste the data into the new workbook.
    7. Save the file.
    8. Close the newly created file.
    9. Repeat Step 2 to 8 until you are done.

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