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I need your help to create an excel formula.
I have students in my programmes and have both full time students and part time students.
Minimum period of enrolment for full time student is 12 months ( 2 semesters) and 18 months ( 3 semesters) for part time students.
Maximum period of enrolment for full time student is 36 months ( 6 semesters) and 48 months ( 8 semesters) for part time students.
My problem is that students are allowed to change their study plan from full time to part time.
As students’ enrolment status is changed to full time to part time or vies versa, the minimum and maximum period need to be changed according to students’ enrolment status.
Is it possible I can get a formula to have remaining period of their study in a single glance?

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  1. Hi Helen,

    I have uploaded the file into the post. To manage the switch from part time to full time or vice versa, I would suggest you create another line for the same student. Delete those numbers that will not be fulfilled in the part-time course after the switch and add in the revised number (after switching) to the full time line. This will make the presentation clear and easier to manage. Hope that helps.


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