It is true that you can solve your Excel problem(s) by searching the internet for the functions or formulas and find out how it works. I do that all the time. There are very credible websites on the net where you can find everything you want to know about Excel. The question is, do you know what to find to get to that solution. There are times when I encounter difficulty in solving my Excel problem because I do not know how to start searching. And the cause of it is that I do not know that such as solution exist or certain issues can be resolved using a particular approach. As such, it is important that you build a strong foundation in Excel. With a strong foundation, you can then make Excel work for you and not the other way round. I have come up with a course containing business case studies and how to solve these business case studies using various combination of tools and techniques. This course was orginally a classroom course. To my surprise, it was very well received and my participants are referring their friends and colleagues to attend my course. As such, I decided to create this online course so that I can share my expereince with you. My Excel test is actually the first case in my course. Take the test and you will know what you are missing.

Here is the link which will share with you my story on using Excel to improve my quality of life. If that is what you are looking for, click on the link now!

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