I was developing my Excel 2007 eCourse and trying out the conditional formatting that I stumble upon this bug. Maybe it’s not, I don’t know where to report it so I decided to publish this in my blog to see if somebody would like to provide an answer.

In the conditional formating bug file, take a look at cell B4. It is supposed to be red based on the condition set but it turns out green. Anybody can help?

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    • ChadS

      I know this is an old post but even if you don#39;t read it, someone else will find it with a google search. You problem is that you have one conditional format as:
      And then another one:
      To see confditional formatting for all cells in sheet, choose quot;Show formatting rules forquot; to quot;This worksheetquot;.
      Now, the formatting seems to be correct, so I#39;m not sure why it did not work, but I removed the second one and then changed the first one to:
      And it worked.

    • JK

      Conditional formatting should work for individual cells.

    • ammx

      older blog, but I just crossed it today.
      The problem is that TYPE = PERCENT. This tells Excel to relate the actual figure of a cell to all other figures sharing the same conditional format. For a single cell that is always 100%.
      You can see the behaviour better by changing cell B5 one after the after to:
      -100%, 0%, 20%, 50%, 100% 200%
      This will change ALL colours in the range B5:B9.

      To work as expected, you need to change TYPE = NUMBER. This way you compare absolute figures. Btw. the VALUE needs to be changed to 67% (=0.67) and 33% (=0.33) to work properly.


    • JK

      The conditional formatting was set up automatically by Excel, so it has to work as is.
      The color will change when you work on another cell. But what if that is the last cell or last action you are doing?

      • Zeus

        Thanks for responding. I fiuergd that out already and it only changes the color of all the emails. I have not fiuergd out which rule allows each person to be color coded and I have tried everything I know. I get a lot of emails from 5 or so of the same people so it really helps me to be able to find them easily. If there is more info let me know.

    • Yurie

      In the Conditional Formatting window, when you click on none of the rules under Rules for this view seiotcn, you can see the condition button enabled. Just click on it and set the condition. For example if you want to set a rule of setting color RED for the person , you need to put xyz@abc.com in the From field of the conditions. After that you an edit the font by clicking on the font button and setting it to red color.Hope this helps

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