The complete change in the Excel 2007 interface has jolted many Excel users out of their comfort zone as they struggle to locate and familiarize themselves with the regular functions they have been using for many years. Most Excel users tend to stick to the regular functions that they have been using to get their job done and may not be aware of shorter and more productive methods of working with the new version of Excel. As such, more than 30 Tips and Tricks have been specially identified and compiled in this video recording. Each of the Tips and Tricks has the potential of saving you hours of cleaning up the data manually, drastically changing the way you use Excel.

1              Customize The Quick Access Toolbar (QAT)

2              Double Click On The Ribbon To Hide Them

3              Quick Access To Frequently-Used Files

4              Tracking Real-Time Changes With Excel Camera

5              Jump Instantly To The End Of Your Database

6              Searching And Entering Formula With AutoComplete

7              Create Attention Grabbing Comments

8              Using Customised Pictures In Charts

9              Add Pop-Up Comments Using Data Validation

10           Highlight Data All At One Go With Find All

11           Finding Duplicates With Conditional Formatting

12           Filter Dates In Groups

13           Removing Inconsistent Date Format Using TEXT to COLUMN

14           Converting Inconsistent Date Format Using Formulas

15           Highlight Dates Later Than Today Using Conditional Formatting

16           Duplicating Pivot Table On The Fly

17           Removing Email Hyperlinks All At One Go

18           Removing Unwanted Objects All At One Go

19           2 Rows Into One – Part I

20           2 Rows Into One – Part II

21           Convert Dates Using Formula

22           Creating A New Worksheet Using Mouse

23           Filling In Pockets Of Blank Cells With Data

24           Presenting Your Numbers In Coloured Bars

25           Using REPT Formula To Create In-Cell Scale

26           Removing Duplicates

27           Adjusting The Formula Bar Using The Mouse

28           Remove Unnecessary Spaces In The Description

29           Clear All The Filters At One Go

30           Tables, Autofill Formulas, Present Insert Cells, Auto Calculate The Total, Row Numbering

31           Auto-Refresh With Tables And Pivot Tables   47

32         How To Create A Dropdown List – Data Validation, Limit Cell Entry

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