Stop filling up the IR8A forms manually.

Here is how you can be as efficient as your peers who own payroll software when it comes to completing the IR8A forms.

Filling up IR8A is never been a task I like at all. When I filled up the form for each employee, I have to repeatedly filled up the company information, then the particular of the employee, followed by the the salary they earned over the past 1 year. When everything is completed, I have to run through it again to make sure that there is no mistake in the form. There is no way to tally the total for all the staff quickly.

Because of these reasons, I have decided to create a macro to submit the IR8A by using AIS, which helps me submit the details to IRAS electronically. Not only do I save time in filling up the forms, I can check the total to make sure that everything is in order. I don’t have to double check on the salary numbers in details. All I need to do is to transfer all the employee records to this template, making sure that the total tallies with my payroll details capture in Excel, click on the conversion button and the eSubmission is created. Once completed, all I have to do to finish the process is to upload the output text file to the IRAS website. That saves me half a day as compared to filling up all the forms manually and sending it to them via post or email. If you have more employees, the time saving grows exponentially as the effort to submit AIS is fixed.

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