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The rest of the eShop contains other eCourses and products (free and paid versions). The eCourse listed immediately below this section is our most popular foundation Excel Course “Hidden Secrets in Data Analysis with Excel 2007/2010”.

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Hidden Secrets in Data Analysis with Excel 2007/2010

It is a course specially designed for Managers and Executives who are using Excel frequently (at least 2 to 3 times a week). They are likely to use it to

  1. Clean up data
  2. Prepare reports
  3. Manage operations

For more details about this course, click here


Excel 2007 Tips and Tricks

The complete change in the Excel 2007 interface has jolted many Excel users out of their comfort zone as they struggle to locate and familiarize themselves with the regular functions they have been using for many years. Most Excel users tend to stick to the regular functions that they have been using to get their job done and may not be aware of shorter and more productive methods of working with the new version of Excel. As such, more than 30 Tips and Tricks have been specially identified and compiled in this book. Each of the Tips and Tricks has the potential of saving you hours of cleaning up the data manually, drastically changing the way you use Excel. The list of Tips and Tricks …more>>


Auto Inclusion Submission (AIS) for Employment Income to IRAS

This Excel template contains a macro that helps you generate the file required to submit your employees income to Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) so that employees do not need to fill in the employment income again when they file for their income tax. This is a great time saver for all companies. For more details, please refer to AIS template